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Rebuilding your life after divorce

Every situation is different, yet divorces have one thing in common – change.

• How do I deal with making new friends?
• What do I have in common with my old friends?
• Do I need to go back to work and if so, what should I do?
• How do I allocate my time between work, family, hobbies, and home responsibilities?
• How do I handle my feelings about life as I knew it?
• How do I go about creating a new life at my age?

In counseling we examine, one by one, all of the pertinent issues affecting your life right NOW. Together we will create a plan to manage each issue until it is resolved through learning new coping strategies and life skills.

Coping with life stress

Coping With Life Stress

Sometimes our daily schedule gets overwhelming. We have too much to do and too little time in which to do it. Our skills in prioritizing are not working and everything feels like it has to get done now. Or maybe we want to make a career change and are unsure how to implement this change. These are all elements of stress. Together we can work on a program that will help you better deal with and accomplish your personal goals in a timely fashion.

Improving personal relationships

Improving Personal Relationships

Are you thinking:

• Is this all there is?”
• How can I make my relationship more interesting and more meaningful?
• Is this relationship deeply satisfying for both of us?
• Is intimacy is lacking?
• How do I get that ‘in love’ feeling back?

Most breakdowns in relationship are due to a lack of effective communication skills. I teach you how to express your innermost feelings to your partner in ways that your partner can receive them. You will learn new effective listening skills that create depth and intimacy in your relationship. Learning the difference between needs and wants is crucial in maintaining a healthy relationship between you and your partner.

Improving self image

Improving Self-Image

Are you feeling:

• You are not good enough as you are?
• No matter what area you improve upon, it is not enough?
• Do you need to be taller, thinner, more affluent, or just different than who you are?

In counseling you can examine your strengths and weaknesses to help you create a more solid self-image. You will learn how to use your strengths to build a higher level of self-esteem.

Parenting issues

Parenting Issues

• Are you having trouble with discipline in your home?
• Are these problems currently involving the court system?
• Are you not sure how to deal with your child’s new stage of development?
• Do you need help coping with your child’s addiction problem?
• Do you need help talking to your children about sex, birth control, and possible health risks involved with having unprotected sex?

Counseling sessions are a good place to express your parental fears and concerns as well as to learn new ways to communicate with your family.

Sexual concerns in relationships

Sexual Concerns in Relationship, Straight or Gay

• Are you having trouble communicating about sex in your intimate relationship?
• Would you like to better express your personal preferences to your partner?

In counseling you will learn how to speak clearly about sex without the usual embarrassment or discomfort commonly associated with this topic. Counseling sessions are a safe place to express yourself and to learn how to make clear requests of your partner in order to meet each of your needs.

Divorce Specialties

Divorce Specialties

Psychotherapist, Divorce Mediator, Parent Coordinator

Divorce can be traumatic.

Divorce with children can be a tragedy.

As a divorce specialist Lisheyna addresses the emotional trauma of divorce prior to litigation, easing the way for a more productive legal process. Lisheyna offers an important and specific form of counseling whose mission is to assist parents in resolving their conflicts regarding child rearing through successful co-parenting.


Lisheyna Hurvitz

Lisheyna HurwaitzAs a licensed psychotherapist, Lisheyna has created a Lifestyle format that is extremely effective in helping people grow and change. As a Lifestyle Consultant, she utilizes a unique blend of emotional, psychological and spiritual approaches which enable her to produce practical results.

In her consultations and groups, she helps people address personal and societal pressures, including the pressure to be perfect. As a gifted empath, she is able to empathize with her client’s feelings, quickly getting to the heart of the matter, thereby producing rapid results.

Curriculum Vitae

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In 2002 she took the National Parent Coordinators training. Lisheyna was involved in the creation of the original EST center in Philadelphia and was responsible for bringing the Landmark Forum to Sarasota, Florida. She founded the children’s charity Successful Singles of Sarasota Making a Difference.

Lisheyna has appeared on television and hosted a call-in radio show. As the co-chair of the Marriage, Family and Divorce Network for The Advocate, an international counseling journal, she wrote and published many articles on divorce.

She was married for 15 years to an Ophthalmologist specializing in glaucoma with whom she had two children. She got divorced when the children were very young. Lisheyna became the primary residential parent, which means that her children, David and Rachael lived with her full time. She raised them in a home filled with love and openness. The three of them bonded as one unit, creating a safe space for all of them. This was a family relationship created in unconditional love.

Both of her children are now attorneys, yet continue their frequent contact with Lisheyna. Out of this loving bond with her children, Lisheyna pioneered many progressive child raising methods. She used what worked so well in her relationships with David and with Rachael as a model for these techniques. She teaches these methods, amongst others, in her groups and individual coaching sessions. Lisheyna currently practices in Boca Raton, Florida.