Lisheyna Hurvitz

Lisheyna HurvitzAs a licensed psychotherapist, Lisheyna has created a Lifestyle format that is extremely effective in helping people grow and change. As a Lifestyle Consultant, she utilizes a unique blend of emotional, psychological and spiritual approaches which enable her to produce practical results.

In her consultations and groups, she helps people address personal and societal pressures, including the pressure to be perfect. As a gifted empath, she is able to empathize with her client’s feelings, quickly getting to the heart of the matter, thereby producing rapid results.

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Fear Vs. Trust PDF Print E-mail


The choice in life between a fear based reality and a reality of trust is a hidden one. Most people do not realize there is a choice to be made.

Fear and trust live in the air we breathe. It is not something that one normally pays attention to in their daily lives. It’s comparable to the water that fish swim in; i.e. their natural environment. Fear and trust each create very different contexts through which the content of our life emerges, each leading to very different results.

The question is, how do we wake up enough from our daily automatic state of being to ask ourselves what air are we breathing? Are we approaching life from feeling scared or are we keeping our hearts open and loving as our primary focus? When we live from love instead of fear then life turns out for the best.

I do not know the answer to the above question. Many people are afraid to even ask themselves this question. I guess we know which conversation they come from! The fear has so encapsulated them that they are powerless to self examine. These people live their lives in reaction to fear without being conscious of this. They are afraid that if they look at their basic reality, bad things will happen to them. So it appears that these people have no way out.

Some people are not ready to look at their fear. Even looking at it creates more fear. The purpose of self-examination is not to create more fear but to become more self-aware and a more conscious human being.

So what do these people do? They continue on as they have been living until they are ready to ask the question about what air they are breathing.

People who are willing to ask about which reality they are living are able to begin the process of becoming conscious in life. I refer to this process as waking up from a more unconscious level of automatic functioning.

They are able to get help through many avenues such as coaching, various spiritual groups, counseling, reading self-help books, and other venues. Then, with assistance from others, they can begin to open their hearts and come from a more loving and trusting reality.

Love only requires that you open your heart and be willing to trust in the goodness of life. If you are willing to do this, then spirit or whatever you call your higher power, will show you the way. This love-based reality only requires a willingness to be shown something new, something higher than what you currently know.

You don’t have to have all the answers. Actually, love requires a willingness to not have all of the answers and to have more questions than answers. Questions create openings for something new. All this, of course, is based on trust. If you have no clear answers, you must trust that they will be given to you. This is what generates a trust-based reality. Said another way, this is what creates the loving air we breathe.

If we are willing to live in an open trusting manner, then we will become more conscious happy beings. Loving beings can then contribute their love to their fear-based friends. When someone is showered in love, eventually some of his or her fear will evaporate.

Think about when you felt loved by someone. In that moment was there any room for fear? No, there was just the love. After the moment of experiencing love, fear of loss or some other fear can creep in. If the person continued to shower you with love, then the fear would have no room to exist. This process might be one in which those fear-based people begin their healing. Maybe we are here to help out one another.

If enough of us focus on love and on trust as the air we breathe, our actions will be loving and will generate love in others. This way, everyone gets to love and be loved. The focus is on shifting your own reality and in creating more love inside of you. This also creates more love in your relationships. Love will spread and will begin to dissipate the fear around us.

That is a good beginning for creating a world based on love, support, and on trust. Doesn’t this sound like a worthy and wonderful world in which to live? I think so. If each of us begins the process inside of ourselves, we are off to a good start.