The Voice Inside Print


The holidays are upon us. From Halloween through New YearÕs we are thrust in the midst of our annual holidays. The holidays interrupt our usual routine of daily life. Therefore, it is during this time of year we can become more aware that we have a choice. We can either do what we normally do in a rather thoughtless, repetitive manner or we can look within for some deeper meaning. We can ask ourselves how our lives have gone this year. We can use these occasions as an opportunity to give something back to the world or to our community.

The practice of looking within can be done every day of life, not just during the holidays. When you look within yourself you have an opportunity to live each day newly and to feel like your life matters. This inquiry is available to everyone.

Ever since I was a child, IÕve had this little voice inside which has been guiding me. I believe most people have this voice whether they are aware of it or not. My voice has always been asking me to look in the direction of where I could make a difference with people. It coached me in keeping my heart open and in loving others no matter what position they found themselves in. I was always looking to how I could contribute. With this as the focus of my being, I felt connected to others and knew I had a life purpose larger than only getting my individual needs met.

Miraculously, when I strove to help others, things in my own personal life just fell into place. Other times I would fall into the trap of thinking that I had to look out for myself and my life became more self-centered, more difficult, and far less rewarding inside. When I focused on giving to others, there was a deep surrender inside of me as my love and help poured out to those who needed it. When I focused on getting things for myself, there was a tightening up inside, an inner holding on to the acquisition of the outer stuff, and my life became more stressful and difficult. I knew there had to be a balance but I alone could not seem to find it. ThatÕs when Source came to me and gently reminded me in that inner voice of mine that all I had to do was focus on service, live my life, and I would be helped with the rest. All efforting was a waste of my precious energy and time. So I was asked to let go on faith, to drop in deeply into the God space within me, and let that guide me on a daily basis.

It sounds easy doesnÕt it? Just let go and let God do all of the work. But rather than letting go we are trained to do it all ourselves and make our lives happen. Rather than following what I am Òsupposed to doÓ I am more and more coming from my internal knowing. Living consistently with my inner being corresponds to what I have always felt to be true.

While is easy to understand this concept, it is not so easy to live it. It requires one live from the inside out. The more of us that accept this challenge, the quicker we will be able to shift into a culture of love that supports us all. That will also allow the structure of this new culture to evolve more freely. Once you let go of the old preconceived ways of looking at things many new possibilities can arise.

This year IÕve noticed that the more I let go of my preconceived notions about myself and my life, the more I can listen within for divine guidance. Life works best for me when I let go and am living in the realm of listening and trusting, flowing in the river of life effortlessly. When I follow my heart, this helps to bring light into the darkness and helps shift humanity from suffering to joy. By following our heart we can enjoy our lives here on earth. When I put my spirituality first then all else follows with greater ease.

This year I pray that my connection to God is so deep and eternal that it enables me to come from trust and letting go not only in my ÔpersonalÕ life but also in my relationship to all others, especially those who come from a different perspective.

I pray that my childrensÕ souls commune with mine so that they may know the eternal unconditional love that I have for them. May my parents forgive me for listening to my soulÕs inner guidance which might greatly differ from that which they think is right for me. I must walk the walk that I know in my heart is right.